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…first of its kind in Jamaica-A district library for residents…Mandeville Weekly, December 19, 1996


The Allen-Shaw Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that  provides educational services to children in Jamaica, West Indies since 1996. In the year 2000, we built a library, the Allen-Shaw Reading Room, in Resource District, South Manchester, a rural District in Jamaica. With the construction of the Allen-Shaw Reading Room, a window of educational opportunity open up in the life of the children, providing them access to information which was beyond their limited boundaries and gave them the desire and hope to strive for excellence. Many of our children in Jamaica’s rural areas are unable to attend school for various reasons, primarily due to parent’s inability to afford school fees. In the deep rural areas certain facilities and privileges are lacking. Children have to travel many miles to access vital information. The Allen-Shaw Foundation was established to provide several basic community services such as a library (Allen-Shaw Reading Rooms), scholarship programs, summer school/camps and literacy classes within this community. These programs are offered specifically through the Allen-Shaw Reading Rooms with funding from the Foundation.



The Allen-Shaw Reading Room provides the following:
  • Library Services- Books, Computers and Internet Services
  • Scholarship Programs- covers yearly school fees and other expenses of students.
    • High School
    • Specialized training classes
    • Transportation, Lunch Fees
  •  Community Based Programs
    • Literacy Programs-remedial classes to students and reading classes for adults.
    • Summer School/Camp-yearly service to over 200 children including remedial tutoring, health and social education and educational field trips
    • Volunteer Vacation-vacationers have the opportunity to participate in our Library Programs or with the Summer School. We also assist in placing individuals who are interested in other volunteer projects in Jamaica.
    • Allen-Shaw Foundation Community Service Award-presented to individuals from the community who provides selfless services in their districts/community.


The Foundations’ objective is to assist the community educationally by providing access to:

  • computer technology and internet service
  • visual equipment (TV/DVD, computer Projectors)
  • audio/recognition center (i.e. phonics, alphabets)
  • an array of books from reference to fiction

The Allen-Shaw Reading Room, located in Resource District of South Manchester, was proclaimed a "trail blazing" idea by Jamaica’s largest Newspaper, The Jamaica Gleaner, and as a "first of its kind project" by another local paper. The educational investment that the Allen-Shaw Foundation, Inc. was making to the children of Jamaica was herald amidst much fanfare by the national television station, "Television Jamaica (TVJ)". The birth of a rural library, through the pregnancy and the labor pains, was well worth our efforts. The reward was seeing children in awe of a room filled with books and watching their fears turn to fascination when the computer started to talk. We are on our way to expanding the doors of literacy in Jamaica even more. With the support of Friends of the Foundation and our Contributors we continually strive to make a mark in the life of a child and a community as a whole.



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