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School Children


Summer School


Summer School When Clementina Shaw retired in 1996 and returned home to Jamaica, she saw many opportunities within the community to keep her busy. She began the community Summer School in 1998 along with members of the newly formed Resource Citizen Association. The program was later integrated and funded by the Allen-Shaw Foundation. We now enroll over 200 children. The young adults from the community serve as counselors along with the help of the local teachers.


We have a feeding program which provides a hearty breakfast and lunch daily during the sessions. The Summer School program is very successful and allows the children keep abreast of their school curriculum and allows active learning during the summer school break. We will soon enhance this program by adding summer camp features such as field trips and more outdoor activities. We are experiencing amazing results with the Summer School Program. There is total community involvement and the children cannot wait for the start of summer school each year.


Lunch Time!

Retiree Shaw also began an ambitious Reading Program in September 2000 to maintain the reading practices of the children while they were still attending school. This led to the Summer Reading Program which encouraged the children to continue with their good reading practices. Students from the Primary to the High School level were enrolled. We were rewarded with amazing results with some participants reading over 100 books.

Great works of art, poetry and short stories were entered into our Literary Club Contest when it launched in 2002. The local Post Mistress won the coveted first prize for her poetry and a budding writer won first prize for his short story.

Scholarship Program

We provide several scholarships to students in the community. Scholarships range from specialized grants to take technical or computer courses, school fees to attend basic school/ High School and education supplies, ranging from books, knapsacks, etc

2005-2007 High School Scholarship Awardees

Thank you for...allowing me to have an education. Thank you. Paulette Cockett, 8:39PM Thu Mar01 (text message)






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