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The Allen-Shaw Reading Room

The building of the Allen-Shaw Reading Room was a community effort. The people knew they were making a tremendous contribution to the future of their children.  We provide a large selection of books to the community such as children, non-fiction, fiction, student’s reference books for research, and historical books on the Caribbean.  Members from Jamaicans.com website have been instrumental in filling our shelves with books on the Caribbean.

The community has access to several computers along with internet service and a computer assistant to help the children with their school work and research papers. 

 The Allen-Shaw Foundation's Reading Room is making a significant impact in the community. Students and adults are able to access reading materials that are not readily available to them.  With a computer assistant on staff at the library, they have the assistance needed to learn about their global environment.




2008 S.A.F.E. Community Service Award


2008 Islanders Cultural Organization of New Jersey (ICONJ) Community Service Award 


2005 Upliftment Jamaica International Community Service Award


2003 JAMPACT-Heroes Of  The Diaspora Nanny Award 


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Written by Rebecca Tortello 


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